Alla Boldina and Chuck Haupt
Apr 2, 2021 — Apr 24, 2021
This exhibit brings together photographer Chuck Haupt and abstract artist Alla Boldina in a provocative examination of voice and silence. Link for Chuck's video


Chuck Haupt's Video, 'Voices: Daughters of Uganda'
In this video Chuck discusses his current show. Uganda has a history of humanitarian abuses. Women are often seen as subordinate to men. Haupt explains, “I was able to visit faith-based schools where students, both male and female, were thriving in their studies and in their hopes for the future. The students are encouraged to see themselves as potential leaders of their nation, helping to lift it out of poverty and instability.” Click on the link to see the video.
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Third Thursdays Art Talk Series -- Presentations of the Why and What
04/15/2021, 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

As artists, we use our hands to “voice” our visions on canvas, in a sculpture, in a photography or in any other medium. We work and “talk” with our hands. To share our creative visions through words and inspire each other and others, the COOPERATIVE GALLERY 213 and its Education Committee offer another opportunity - the ART TALK.